Suitable for both meat and fish. Also, as a vegetarian dish with other grilled vegetables.



  • Half the tomatoes – use medium-sized tomatoes
  • Remove part of the juice and seeds (so that herbs fit into the tomato and it cooks)
  • Season the tomatoes with salt, pepper, honey (sugar), balsamic cream
  • Bake in a pan or charcoal grill for a few minutes- in a pan, cook on both sides
  • Before the end of baking add the herbs: oregano, thyme, basil- according to the taste


Since the tomato is acidic, the sweet should be added more than salt or balsamic cream. Add the herbs only at the end of the baking, otherwise they will simply burn.


An addition to the main course with a rustic look and sweet taste. No need to season. A suitable onion bulb could be about the size of a plum.



  • If the bulbs and garlic are soiled (taken directly from the bed), clean the soil;
  • When there are the stems left, place directly on the grill rack with the stems;
  • Grill for 10-15 minutes, in the meantime turn and make sure the heat is not too high;
  • Serve as a side dish to the main course. Anyone who likes onions and garlic will unwrap these surprises with the greatest curiosity;

Cataplana is a traditional Portuguese food of coastal fishermen from Algarve. We make almost traditional Cataplana, but with minor adjustments to the broth. Therefore, we cannot call this dish a traditional Cataplana. The preparation requires a special deep pan on which the lid can be placed. From our product range, models PRO-450 and PRO-450 inox are suitable for preparing Cataplana, with a capacity of 12-15 servings (about 4,5 litres). The quantities indicated in the recipe are for 12-15 servings.


One very important nuance in making Cataplana is preparing the ingredients before adding them in the pan. Baking is a quick process, in about 15 minutes all the ingredients are added to the pan. So – prepare the ingredients and only then put the pan on the fire. Another tip: stock more broth just in case, not to find yourself in a situation where there is obviously not enough liquid.


  • Prepare the broth (fish or chicken broth) or buy ready-made broth from the store, approx. 2 litres;
  • Defreeze seafood – shrimp, shellfish and white fish. You need: 1 kg of tiger prawns, 1 kg of mussels and 600-700 g of white fish (cod, pikeperch, perch);
  • When the broth is ready, heat the pan and brown the chopped onion (1-2 pcs) and garlic (6 larger cloves);
  • Add slices of multi-coloured bell peppers (1 + 1 peppers);
  • Add Chorizo slices (about half a sausage ring) and 2-3 bay leaves;
  • Add tomatoes approx. 600-800 g (fresh or crushed canned tomatoes);Add a handful of chopped parsley and 1 chopped chilli without seeds;
  • Add half a bottle of white wine;
  • Add the broth – about 1.5 litres (can be added more later if necessary);
  • Bring to the boil, season with salt and sugar (acidity is provided by tomato and white wine);
  • When the taste is desirable, add seafood: shrimp, shellfish, fish;
  • Bring to the boil once more, place the lid on the pan and turn off the gas;
  • Stir Cataplana 3-4 times, in about every 1-2 minutes and cover it with the lid again;
  • When the shells are open, serve. Add fresh parsley and coriander;
  • Since coriander and chilli cause opposite reactions in people, serve them separately- whoever wants, can have some more;
  • Serve ciabatta and Vinho Verde with Cataplana;
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