General ordering terms in e-Store. The scope and validity of terms and conditions: 

These general terms and conditions and ordering terms and conditions (hereinafter the Conditions) of GrillSymbol OÜ e-Store (hereafter the Seller) shall be valid for all parties (hereinafter the Purchaser/Customer) who use the e-Store at (hereinafter the e-Store), order goods and services (hereinafter the Goods) in the e-Store by entering into a contract of purchase and sale (hereinafter the Sales Contract) in order to purchase Goods in the e-Store.

By accepting these Conditions, the Purchaser confirms that they have read the terms of the Sales Contract, agree to them and will follow them.
Purchasing the Goods and placement of orders in the e-Store

  1. It is possible to purchase those Goods in the e-Store that have an ‘Add to the cart’ link. The price and the availability of the Goods may change at any time and without prior notice. If the Purchaser has placed their order before the price of the Goods changes, the price valid at the time of the order shall apply.
  2. The Seller has the right to withdraw from the Sales Contract entered into via the e-Store and not to deliver the Goods or Service ordered under the following circumstances: the Goods are out of stock.
  3. Please confirm your order by clicking on the ‘Place and pay’ button. Then insert your data, choose a payment and a delivery option and place an order.  A Sales Contract is deemed as entered into from the receipt of the amount payable according to the confirmation of the order to the bank account of GrillSymbol OÜ. The Seller shall not process Order Confirmations that have not been paid for.
  4. Payment for the Goods: you can pay for the products via PayPal and most of the credit cards. Having an PayPal account is not obligatory.  After the payment, the e-Store will send you an Order Confirmation and an invoice.


All personal data disclosed in the course of visiting the e-Store and making purchasers shall be treated as confidential information. The encrypted data communications line with the banks ensures the security of the personal data and bank account information of the Purchaser.  The representatives of OÜ GrillSymbol do not have Access to encrypted data.

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