What is weatherproof steel?

Weatherproof steel, generally known under the name of Cor-Ten steel was initially developed in order to exclude the necessity to paint the steel. In 1933, States Steel Corporation United developed and patented this mechanically extraordinarily strong steel mainly intended for building the railway hopper carriages. Thanks to its extraordinary features, Cor-Ten steel is used very widely today.


How does Cor-Ten steel differ from the plain carbon steel trademarks?

A layer is created on the surface of the Cor-Ten steel, which forms a protective layer to tolerate the weather impact. The protective layer is made thanks to the special content of the Cor-Ten steel – in addition to other elements the Cor-Ten steel comprises also copper, nickel and chrome in small quantities. The layer protecting the surface continuously develops and is restored due to the environmental impact. In other words: to develop the protective layer, the steel is let to rust. The oxidisation of the steel surface may take as long as six months. The rusting process can be speeded up significantly by sprinkling salt water on it.


Where can you see products made of Cor-Ten steel?

Items made of the Cor-Ten steel can be seen in the public space of many Northern countries and in the towns of Central Europe. For example including: facades of houses, benches in parks, flower pots, furbishing elements on outer terraces, fireplaces, fountains, exterior furniture, etc. constructions and sculptures well-known in the world made of Cor-ten steel:



In addition there are innumerable smaller objects and products made of Cor-Ten steel, which is the best material for that purpose. Thanks to weatherproofness and attractive looks (but modest at the same time), products made of Cor-Ten steel are more and more used to decorate home gardens.

Our GrillSymbol wants to increase people’s awareness of this extraordinary material, which lasts in exterior conditions for decades without any maintenance. Developing and designing our products we focus on the environment so that our products are as timeless as the material itself.

In conclusion: rusty elements in town parks and home gardens do not have to be pieces of metal ruined by corrosion but design elements, intended to last long and under any weather conditions.

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