GrillSymbol products are safe.  

All PRO-series products have passed CE conformity assessment according to directive  2009/142/EC and are marked with a number combination CE1336-10.  Conformity assessment has been carried out by Inspecta Group:

Following safety, all PRO-series products have been constructed in a way that the windshield side panel will not heat up during operating, and this reduces the risk of accidental burns.

The following safety test have been carried out on the products:

1.    Temperature test: during operating, the windshield side panel cannot heat up more than +60C of the outside
temperature. This means that in a commonplace northern summer day of -20C, the max temperature of the side panel may be up to +80C.  “Triple Windshield” of PRO-series is a safe solution in preventing accidental burns.

2.    Stability test: the legs and framework of the pan are strong enough for the pan to be stable, wouldn’t wobble or
shake on the legs even if it’s full of food.

3.    Lighting test: “Click and Cook” is a unique solution that enables lighting the gas on battery supply. Lighting the
gas is provided with a simple push on the switch (standard equipment of all PRO-series products, except for 460 models).

Inspecta Group:

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