A healthy, very low-fat, delicious snack. You can prepare it in a Smoky Beast smoker or in a special cold-smoke oven-cabinet.



  • Prepare the meat for smoking: cut the piece of fillet into strips about 3 cm wide – cut the meat along the fibre.
  • Season with salt, black pepper and crushed juniper berries. Add about 20 to 25 grams of salt per kilo of meat.
  • One teaspoon of salt = 20 grams;
  • Rub the seasoning evenly into the meat. Let it stand in the fridge for 2-24 hours;
  • Light a cold smoke generator in the fireplace and place the meat to the rack;
  • When it is cold and the temperature is low, the smoke can also be given by two logs. One log must be dry (to smoulder and slightly burn) and the other moist to give the smoke;
  • Make sure that the temperature in the smoker does not rise above 30 degrees;
  • Smoke the meat in the smoker for 12-24 hours. The meat is ready if, after cutting it, the colour is even and the texture is soft and moist;
  • If the meat gets too high temperature, the result is a hot smoked ham. It’s not that soft and delicious, but it’s still very tasty.
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