Authentic Pizza-Making with GrillSymbol’s Pizza Oven Pizzo: Recipes and Tips for Delicious Results

To start, it’s essential to mention that the stones of GrillSymbol’s Pizza oven Pizzo are made in Italy. We must admit, pizzas and other pastries crafted on this stone are undeniably delicious!

Pizza making is a social activity, and everyone can create a pizza according to their taste, whether it’s a simple Napoletana, a classic Margherita, or a loaded Pepperoni. Moreover, individuals can tailor their pizzas with precisely the ingredients they prefer. Before baking, the first steps involve preparing the pizza dough and tomato sauce.


Pizza Dough Recipe (for approximately 6 pizzas)

We offer a super easy pizza dough recipe with only four ingredients that consistently delivers great results. Mix the ingredients, knead the dough to the right consistency, and let it rise (at around 40°C) for about an hour.

  • 1 kg Pizza Flour (grind level 00)
  • 10 g Dry Yeast
  • 640 ml Water
  • 6 g Salt


Tomato Sauce Recipe:

Craft the sauce to your taste. If you choose to make the sauce from scratch, peel the tomatoes, remove the seeds, boil the sauce, and season. Alternatively, for a quicker solution, unflavoured puree is readily available in stores. For our sauce, you’ll need:

  • 1.5 liters Tomato Puree
  • A bunch of chopped Oregano
  • Salt and Sugar to taste


Additional Ingredients (Optional):


  • Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese
  • Basil, Arugula
  • Pepperoni, Parma ham
  • Figs, Olives
  • Champignons, Red Onion


Timing of Activities:

  • The pizza dough rises for about an hour
  • The oven heats up for 30-40 minutes to ensure even heating of the stones.
  • Cooking tomato sauce takes 15 minutes (if using ready-made puree)
  • Preparation of onions, mushrooms, etc. 10-20 minutes


Why emphasize timing? Because when the pizzas enter the oven, things move swiftly! The pizza is ready in the oven in 1-2 minutes, so it’s crucial to have everything at hand during the cooking time.

If there’s leftover pizza dough, shape it into a ball and bake a delightful focaccia in the pizza oven. Additionally, you can utilize the residual heat of the pizza oven to simmer stews.


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How to Cook 12 Kilos of Meat at a Low Temperature with Little Effort and Great Results

For this cooking session, gather 3 kilograms of beef ribs, 5 kilograms of pork neck chops, and two ducks (each weighing 2 kilograms). Start by generously rubbing the meat with a mixture of salt and pepper, then refrigerate it for about 24 hours.

Before placing the meat in the smoker, let it come to room temperature for approximately 1-2 hours. When the meat goes into the oven, keep in mind that the cooking time for beef ribs and pork neck chops at a low temperature is approximately 6 hours, while duck requires about 3-4 hours. If you want to serve all the meats simultaneously, put the beef ribs and pork neck chops in the smoker 2-3 hours earlier. Maintain the oven temperature between 100-120°C (you can briefly increase it to 150°C), ensuring there is enough water in the oven throughout the cooking process. Apply the mop sauce in the last hour, just before the meat is ready.


Here’s the salt rub recipe:


  • Dry salt: 2.5% of the weight of the meat, which in this case is 300 g of salt. If you prefer a lower sodium content, 1.5% salt is also suitable.
  • Black pepper: 2-3 tablespoons
  • Sugar: 2-3 tablespoons

Combine these ingredients and generously rub them onto the meat. Store the meat in the refrigerator and take it out shortly before placing it in the Smoker.


Mop Sauce for Pork and Beef:


A good mop sauce should be sweet, sour, and spicy (triple-S combination), and these flavours should be in that particular order. While some recipes may include numerous ingredients and hours of cooking, you can achieve great results much quicker. Our sauce is best suited for pork and beef.

  • Apple jam (crushed pineapple is also a suitable alternative): 500-700 ml
  • A small amount of water
  • Tomato paste or ketchup: 100 ml
  • 1-2 chili pods
  • Salt (taste the meat before adding salt to the sauce)
  • Additional herbs of your choice can be added
  • Boil the mixture for approximately 20 minutes.


Mop Sauce for Duck:


  • Sloe or plum jam: 500 ml
  • A small amount of water
  • Tomato paste or ketchup: 50 ml
  • 1 chili pod
  • Salt (taste the meat before adding salt to the sauce)
  • Additional herbs of your choice can be added
  • Boil the mixture for approximately 20 minutes.


If you use 2 cooking grates in the Smoky Beast oven simultaneously, you can cook 18-20 kg of meat at once. Keep in mind that the upper rack may have slightly higher heat.


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