Suitable for both meat and fish. Also, as a vegetarian dish with other grilled vegetables.



  • Half the tomatoes – use medium-sized tomatoes
  • Remove part of the juice and seeds (so that herbs fit into the tomato and it cooks)
  • Season the tomatoes with salt, pepper, honey (sugar), balsamic cream
  • Bake in a pan or charcoal grill for a few minutes- in a pan, cook on both sides
  • Before the end of baking add the herbs: oregano, thyme, basil- according to the taste


Since the tomato is acidic, the sweet should be added more than salt or balsamic cream. Add the herbs only at the end of the baking, otherwise they will simply burn.


Baking pancakes is a fairly common activity, but we recommend doing it outdoors, on a large pan! This will make it much faster and keep the kitchen clean. For example, a PRO-720 pan can hold 15-20 cakes at a time. In addition to the benefits of being in the fresh air, we recommend preparing less sweet fresh jam for the cakes – this way the taste of the cake and the berries will be better highlighted. Since the cooked jam has a sugar content of about 30-40%, you can make the fresh jam with little sugar or with no extra sugar.



  • Heat the pan and add fat (the stainless-steel pan needs more oil);
  • Bake the cakes of the right size for you;
  • Serve with fresh jam, berries and icing sugar;
  • Serve with a mint or balm leaf.
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