Petteri Wiimaa Bird Feeder Station
Petteri Wiimaa Bird Feeder Station
Petteri Wiimaa Bird Feeder Station
Petteri Wiimaa Bird Feeder Station

Petteri Wiimaa Bird Feeder Station


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”Let’s get together and have a nice restaurant meal? Where there is enough space and no rain and snow falling on your head?” ‘’Station’’ is perfect for this!

The size of one of the largest of the kind among bird restaurants is as much as 30 x 60 cm! You don’t have to bother about booking the table, because the dining bowl is of very suitable size.

A roof over your head, perches on both sides, a northern spruce just to roll around on the roof – what else is a bird longing for? Maybe just more fat balls…


Design: Petteri Wiimaa


The surface layer of Cor-Ten steel is initially greyish and then turns reddish brown (similar to rust) and then darker over time.


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  • Made of 2mm Cor-Ten steel
  • External dimensions: 66 x 30 x 24 cm (L*W*H)
  • Dining area dimensions 59 x 30 cm
  • Weight approx. 10 kg
  • Includes bird feeding bowl
  • The product is delivered in pieces, approximate assembly time is 15-20 min


Important! This is a heavy product! When installing, follow the safety requirements:


  • Choose the right place for the house to avoid the consequences of improper installation or use (e.g., children’s playground, terrace recreation area, etc.). Birds need a little privacy, as well.
  • Tighten the wire rope stoppers tightly so that the suspension rope does not give way to the fastening point.
  • Make sure that the wire rope does not slide over the fixing point (tree branch, beam, fixing loop). Also, make sure that the rope does not slide in strong winds, as the house swing with the wind.
  • Make sure that the plastic cable cover protects the wire where it comes into contact with metal.
  • Check the wear and tear of the wire rope annually. If you see broken strands, replace the wire rope!


NB! Cor-Ten steel products are delivered untreated. When brand new, Cor-Ten steel is gray in color like usual hot-rolled steel. You can find seasoning instructions on our website or you can scan directly from the product. Cor-Ten steel products can be stored outdoors all year round. Does not require storage.



Look here: Cor-Ten steel products seasoning instructions


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