GrillSymbol ZigZag BBQ Griddle

GrillSymbol ZigZag BBQ Griddle


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The ZigZag Solid baking grid made of 5 mm steel with a unique design is standard on the Chef and Chef XL models, i.e. it does not need to be ordered separately for these models. However, its size is also suitable for Naked Chef and Naked Chef XL models, but their standard equipment does not include the ZigZag Solid grid.

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The ZigZag Solid baking grid has a special ratio of metal surface to air gaps, which prevents the meat from burning in direct fire. The grid retains heat very well due to the thickness and weight of the material. The zig-zag grill pattern leaves an interesting pattern on the grilled steak, fish or vegetables.

Grid surface: 5 mm hot-rolled steel
Grid handles: 5 mm hot rolled steel
Measurements: 50 x 33 cm
Weight: 5,3 kg


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